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Special Thanks and Acknowledgements:



Without the combined creativity and kind help of many wonderful people, this project could never have been completed!  We would like to give our very special thanks and gratitude to the following, who have worked tirelessly to make happen:


Our custom website would never have been possible without the amazing design by Susanne Shultis. Please note that Infinity Technologies provides custom IT Administration, Networking, and many more Business Solutions.  Please visit their site for more information on the services they provide!





Snelson Photocolor Lab for their beautiful work on our photos.





Mason Coberly for his expert photography.





Chad Kidder for designing all of the LEGO Temple lighting.





And last, but defintely not least:


Marriott Alumni Magazine for being the first to run the LEGO Temple story.





Other links:


Other links that you may find interesting are Brick'em Young & Brick of Mormon.

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