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Since I was four years old, I have loved to build creatively with LEGO bricks.  From the first King's Castle (the yellow one) to the working clock I designed for a Boy Scout project, to the full scale model of the Salt Lake Temple, I have found that LEGO is my main artistic medium.  I love creating new combinations, and letting the engineer side of me run wild.  I love that the versatile medium of LEGO makes rapid prototyping of my creations easy, whether I'm working on a sculpture or a LEGO robot.


Building with LEGO bricks is often a family event at our house.  Even our youngest son loves to get in on the fun.  We find that building LEGOs together as a family brings us closer and enables creative ideas to flow into other areas of life.


Besides being a fan of LEGO, I also have many other interests.  I am a father of five, I love fine woodworking, flying my video drone, watching Sci-fi and being inventive.  Additionally, I graduated in 2013 from Brigham Young University's MBA progam.


I have been inspired at the amount of attention the LEGO Temple project has received.  I hope it inspires others to see LEGO bricks in a new light, and to take the time to explore what wonderful things they can create!

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